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Camera Ready Deadline (Main):October 10
Camera Ready Deadline (Demos):October 14
Camera Ready Deadline (Workshops):October 30
Late Registration:November 20
Workshops / Tutorials:December 11-12
Main Conference:December 13-16
Satellite Event
December 10, 2016


Young Researchers Symposium on Natural Language Processing
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For those who wish to apply for a visa to attend COLING2016, please follow the instruction below and send the complete Visa Application Form to the Secretariat of COLING2016 ( by October 31, 2016.

To Apply for a Visa

  1. Complete your registration for COLING2016
  2. Have your flight and accommodation information ready
  3. Fill out Visa Application Form and send it to the Secretariat of COLING2016 (

Please note that all of the fields on the application form must be filled out in order for your application to be processed properly. You will be asked to provide your flight and accommodation information as well as your 'Registration Number', which will be given upon the completion of your registration. The application process usually takes more than a month, therefore, we highly recommend that you submit the form at your earliest convenience.

General information regarding a visa application is available here (the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan), and please do not hesitate to contact the Secretariat, if you have any questions or queries.

If you have any questions regarding your VISA application, please feel free to contact the Secretariat of COLING2016 (

Registration Page

Please register at the following site:

Application & Payment Due

[ Early Registration (CLOSED) ] October 20 (Thu) October 25 (Tue), 2016, 23:59 JST(GMT+9)
[ Late Registration (CLOSED) ] November 20 (Sun), 2016, 23:59 JST(GMT+9)
[ Onsite Registration ] December 11 (Sun) - December 16 (Fri), 2016

Registration Fees

Early Fees (CLOSED)
~ October 25 23:59 JST
Late Fees (CLOSED)
~ November 20 23:59 JST
Onsite Fees
Main Conference Regular Delegate¥61,000¥88,000¥98,000
Student Delegate¥46,000¥70,000¥80,000

Early Fees (CLOSED)
~ October 25 23:59 JST
Late Fees (CLOSED)
~ November 20 23:59 JST
Onsite Fees
with main conf.W/T onlywith main conf.W/T onlywith main conf.W/T only
Tutorials Regular Delegate¥14,000¥20,000¥20,000¥25,000¥26,000¥30,000
Student Delegate¥9,000¥14,000¥14,000¥20,000¥19,000¥26,000
1-Day Workshops Regular Delegate¥14,000¥20,000¥20,000¥25,000¥26,000¥30,000
Student Delegate¥9,000¥14,000¥14,000¥20,000¥19,000¥26,000
Half-Day Workshops Regular Delegate¥7,000¥10,000¥10,000¥12,500¥13,000¥15,000
Student Delegate¥4,500¥7,000¥7,000¥10,000¥9,500¥13,000

Registration for the Main conference includes:
 *Attendance at all sessions of COLING 2016 main conference from Tuesday to Friday.
 *Coffee Breaks & Lunch Boxes, December 13-16.
 *Welcome Reception on Monday, December 12.
 *Banquet on Wednesday, December 14.
 *Half day excursion to Nara on Wednesday, December 14.

Registration without the Main conference (Workshop or Tutorial Only) includes:
 *Attendance at the chosen Workshop(s) or Tutorial(s) only.
 *Banquet and Excursion are NOT included.
 *Coffee Break(s) & Lunch Box of session.

*Refreshments at Coffee Breaks, Lunch Boxes as well as food and beverages at Welcome Reception and Banquet will be provided free of charge to COLING2016 participants with the cooperation of the sponsor companies. Therefore, the expenses for these items are not included in the Registration Fee.



Dina Demner-Fushman, U.S. National Library of Medicine, U.S.A.

Reiko Mazuka, RIKEN Brain Science Institute, Japan

Joakim Nivre, Uppsala University, Sweden

Simone Teufel, University of Cambridge, U.K.


Overall Timetable (Please also check PDF version below.)

Main Conference




Tutorial timetable

Time December 11 (Sun)
09:00 - 12:00
Tutors: Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh and Dimitri Kartsaklis, Queen Mary University of London
Tutors: Lun-Wei Ku and Wei-Fan Chen, Academia Sinica
14:00 - 17:00
Tutors: Horacio Saggion and Francesco Ronzano, Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Tutors: Carolina Scarton, Gustavo Henrique Paetzold, and Lucia Specia
Material:    handout    hands_on    theory

December 12 (Mon)
09:00 - 12:00
Tutors: Shuly Wintner, University of Haifa
Tutors: Matthias Petri and Trevor Cohn, The University of Melbourne
14:00 - 17:00
Tutors: Marius Pasca, Google Inc.


1st day, 11 Dec 2016 (9 full-day)

2nd day, 12 Dec 2016 (9 full-day + 1 half-day)


Bus Tour   - Explore Ancient Nara -

Tour COLING2016 Starts at: 12:00, Osaka International Convention Center
Date Wednesday, December 14 Ends at : 17:00, Osaka International Convention Center
Maximum participants 600 Duration: 5 hours (including transfers)

Tour Schedule



Kofuku-ji is a Buddhist temple which has a close connection with the Fujiwara Clan (a powerful family of regents) and most notably the clan's founder Kamatari Fujiwara. It is one of the historical sites that compose the UNESCO World Heritage Site Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara.

The Kofuku-ji National Treasure Museum (Kokuhou-kan) was built on the site. It used to be a place where monks had meals, and now houses many of Kofuku-ji temple's treasures. They include various statues, paintings, books, handicrafts and historical documents which have been designated National Treasures or Important Cultural Properties, all of which make the museum a popular tourist attraction in Nara.

Ashura (National Treasure)
Ashura is one of the Indian pagan gods, who was later integrated into Buddhism as one of The Eight Legions (Eight Deva Guardians of Buddhism). It has three heads, three faces and six arms. Unlike other Ashuras, this Ashura has a calm look on its face.

Lunch *
Site A

Tōdai-ji (Eastern Great Temple) is a Buddhist temple complex, that was once one of the powerful Seven Great Temples, located in the city of Nara. Its Great Buddha Hall houses the world's largest bronze statue of the Buddha, known in Japanese simply as Daibutsu. The temple is a listed UNESCO World Heritage Site as one of the Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara like Kofuku-ji.

The Great Buddha Hall has burnt down twice and was rebuilt in the Kamakura and Edo eras. During the Edo Era reconstruction, the size of the building was scaled down from 86m to 57m due to a lack of proper materials. It is still one of the world's largest examples of wooden architecture, retaining the magnificence of the original structure. The window under the decorative roof is opened on New Year's Eve every year, to allow people to celebrate New Year's Day while looking at the Great Buddha.

  Please note:
Participants will be devided into two groups, with group 1 visiting Site A first and Site B second and vice versa for group 2.
English-speaking guides will accompany you throughout the tour.
A lunch box will be provided for each participant on the bus on their way to Site A.
The tour schedule and/or time may change due to traffic.

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